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SPS Site Map



Engineering and Design
We are able to design and engineer anything at our clients request, regarding docking systems, hangars, environment facilities, construction facilities, building structures, and ring-lock scaffolding. SPS has many engineers and draftsmen across a broad range of disciplines and with our engineering staff and our client’s vision, together, we can provide the most optimum solution.

Aircraft Recycling
Leading the way in South East Asia, SPS is the main aircraft "recycler" in the region. When an aircraft reaches the end of its life span, SPS can dismantle and remove it, so our clients will avoid large ramp and storage costs.

Heavy Equipment and Transport
If our clients do not have the appropriate tools and equipment required for a specific project, SPS has an inventory of cranes, trucks, and forklifts that facilitate our clients to complete their projects and have their finalized products on their way to their final destinations.

Chiller Designing & Maintenance Services