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SPS Global Corporation Co., Ltd. (SPS)

SPS Global Corporation Co., Ltd. (SPS) specializes in engineering business, helping airlines and private firms by delivering custom designed construction include factory warehouse, hangar airport, aircraft maintenance facilities, systems, and equipment; we also design, engineer, and construct of steel structure construction and supply ring-lock scaffolding, construction facilities, environment facilities, and other structural engineering. We are capable of doing this through our structure of a three prong vertically integrated system. More specifically, SPS Global Corporation Co., Ltd. incorporates three divisions, (T.A.I.): SPS Turnkey Construction, SPS Aviation, and SPS Industrials. The SPS Turnkey Construction division is the portion of SPS that operates in the All type of construction facilities, environment facilities, and other designing sectors. SPS Aviation is specifically designed to assist our clients within the Aviation industry, whether that assistance is developing docking systems and/or aircraft hangars and airport construction. The SPS Industrials division is our product creation component, Ring lock scaffolding, Racking System, where we are able to manufacture and then export our goods to their final destinations.

SPS Global Corporation Co., Ltd. (SPS) was established with a mission to produce turnkey projects for the construction industry and since then, the company has initiated its design and construct, general contracting, and construction management and environment businesses. Since SPS’s creation, it has steadily made its mark in the construction industry with its renowned projects and reputation. Due to the inter-reliance and integration of docking systems and hangars, we have melded them into our product line and created a wider focus of Air port, hangar facility planning, design, construction, and maintenance in order to provide a more full circle service to our clients. Today, this past direction has fostered SPS Global Corporation Co., Ltd. to evolve into a vertically integrated group, which now incorporates three divisions: SPS Turnkey Construction, SPS Aviation, and SPS Industrials. We provide a complete set of services, such as quotes, designs, manufacturing, and installations. According to our client’s requirements, we can design by their plan or manufacture by their drawings. To enhance on our strengths in design, consulting, and construction, SPS has built a sturdy relationship with Australian Aviation Group – an international design and construction firm – to form a global partnership of operations. By integrating our manufacturing subsidiary with our three divisions, we are able to provide a full circle approach of products and services to our clients, starting from the factory floor to the finished project at its final destination. SPS has developed a range of trade, analysis, and consultancy solutions to assist our clients in a successful and a sustainable end result that is cost effective and efficient. Our head office and primary design center is located in Bangkok, Thailand and is supported by a strong association of local, regional and international and partnered offices in Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia, Germany, and China. Today and Beyond the Next Horizon