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Plant Economics & Design Optimization in Hydro Power Plants
The overall objectives of this short course are to enhance advanced knowledge on hydropower plant optimization and technical tools for designing hydropower plants as well as tools for assessing economic and financial feasibility of the hydropower projects. At the end of this comprehensive course, as a frame-work to the course out line, it would help to gain knowledge on technicality aspects of electro-mechanical components of hydropower & other renewable energy plants. Project estimation & how the interest rates, IRR, and how to use financial tools to evaluate projects etc. Those project estimate & cost benefit analysis would help participant to understand about the impact of such projects to the economy of the country etc. Finally, participant will get ample knowledge about evaluating parts of hydropower projects & would help to incorporate with renewable & hydropower policies.
Considering above scenario, training in hydropower sector is invaluable and young engineers are the key persons who shall contribute their knowledge to fulfill the country’s wishes. Economic aspects of hydropower plants and plant optimization are directly relevant to deliver their services effectively to the country’s economy.

Program Structure
This training program is a mixture of a lecture series, interactive sessions, and group discussion with activities and with strategic field trips that allowing participants to interact with hydropower resource persons as well as to interact with practitioners.
The main topics that cover under this course are:
·            Financial & economic evaluation of Hydropower generation
·            Hydropower project cost components & economic evaluations
·            Technicality aspects & feasibility of project costs
·            Cost benefit analysis of hydropower, depreciation & interest rates for projects
·            Feed in tariff mechanism & determination of tariff
·            Grid connectivity issues & financial aspects
·            Electro-mechanical Design aspects of hydropower power plants
·            Selection of electro-mechanical equipment
·            Electrical & mechanical auxiliary equipment